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VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit - 60g


VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit - 60g

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�Fights sun tan and helps even out dull, patchy skin. �Helps remove blackheads & white patches with gentle exfoliation. �Brightens, lightens, evens skin tone while keeping the skin soft and hydrated. �Accelerates cell renewal to give your skin a youthful glow.

About The Product

The Anti-Tan Facial Kit offers a perfect respite against summer tan and gets you party ready, instantly. It helps remove sun tan, dark spots, and sun spots and provides your skin with an even, hydrated look. This Anti Tan Facial Kit is an easy 6-step routine that helps fade sun tan and aids in softening sun-exposed skin. The 6-step routine helps even out patchy skin, replenishes damaged skin, and lightens sun spots and sun tan.
This Anti Tan Facial Kit contains the following components:-
• Cleanser cum toner
• Oatmeal Scrub
• Melawhite Gel
• Pista Massage Cream
• Melawhite Pack
• Moisturising Gel

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