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Bella Vita Luxury CEO MAN Eau De Parfum

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    • This cologne is designed for men and boasts a daring and long-lasting fragrance that exudes confidence and power.
    • Top notes of Lemon and Sugar provide a zesty and sweet aroma, while Lavender adds a touch of sophistication at its heart.
    • Base notes of Vetiver, Moss, and Tonka bring depth and richness to the scent, creating a bold and masculine finish.
    • With its gender-neutral scent, this Eau De Parfum is perfect for anyone looking to bring out their inner CEO and exude a sense of authority and control in the workplace.
    • Leaves you feeling refreshed for a long time.
    • Perfume for Men with lemon, lavender, tonka and agarwood.
    • Woody and spicy long lasting EDP fragrance scent, 100ml. 
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Bring out your inner CEO to work everyday with the Bella Vita Luxury CEO Man Luxury Perfume. A daring and long-lasting perfume for man, this cologne for men has top notes of Lemon & Sugar with Lavender at its heart and Vetiver, Moss and Tonka at its base. Be your boss self with the best perfume for men.

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